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Jerry Williams - The Dean of Talk Radio

Audio Clips - Misc

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Listen to miscellaneous audio clips of Jerry's life.

A Child's Christmas in Wales
(22 Minutes)
This was Jerry's annual Christmas present to his listeners - a reading of the Dylan Thomas poem. By this time, WRKO's Bill Smith added sound effects and music to the presentation. Jerry said, "it was just the way I heard it in my mind."
JW Introduction Speech - Radio Hall of Fame
(9 Minutes)
In 1996, Jerry Williams was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame. In a return to Chicago for the ceremony, Jerry is introduced by Dr. Laura Schlesinger (who does not know of Jerry's storied past).
Sandy Starobin, Harrisburg
(3 Minutes)
The staff of the show would get information from all over - this is a phone call from a Westinghouse bureau chief in Harrisburg, PA giving Jerry's producer the lowdown on Jerry's guest that night, Presidential candidate and PA Governor, Milton Shapp.
Congressional Payraise, 1977
(20 Minutes)
One of Jerry Williams' unique strengths was to spur listeners to act en masse to put political pressure on specific lawmakers and to hold them accountable for their votes. In this case, Jerry's view was forcing a congressional vote on a payraise for themselves was appropriate. Jerry would link up with talk hosts in other cities - in this case, Bob Grant in NYC - to expand his gegraphic reach. In the age before the Internet, this was a revolutionary concept. Listen to how the public is urged to apply pressure to the Speaker of the House, "Tip" O'Neill" in this instance.
JW on the Larry King Radio Show - 1990
(22 Minutes)
In 1990, Larry King was a national overnight radio host on the Mutual Broadcasting System. On this night, he was broadcasting from the Copley Square Hotel in Boston, where Jerry Williams was his guest.
On Being a Friend - Poem
(2 Minutes)
Jerry would occasionally record poetry, like "I'd Pick More Dasies". Here's a piece on being a friend.
Jerry w/Sherry O'Neil
(23 Minutes)
Jerry interviewed entertainment figures from a restaurant - Lou Tendler's - in Philadelphia to be broadcast on WIBG . Sherry O'Neil starred in "Damn Yankees".
Jerry w/Darren McGavin
(31 Minutes)
Jerry also interviewed Darren McGavin at the Lou Tendler's. This is pre-caller on the air stuff.
Jerry w/Pat Cooper
(19 Minutes)
Pasquale Caputo (Pat Cooper) is the comedian who's not afraid to say anything - and he says it all to Jerry!